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Lynn Rae


Face and Jaw

Remedial Face & Jaw Massage & Realignment

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Facial Pilates

Facial Pilates Workshops

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Post Breast Cancer Treatment

Post Breast Cancer Treatment & Therapy

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Pilates and posture awarenessPilates & Posture Awareness

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“I am thrilled by the transformative effect of doing Facial Pilates with Lynn Rae. This unique and revolutionary approach to a natural face lift has to be experienced to be believed. Make this best kept secret a gift to yourself.”

Annie Paul

“Have you ever met a massage therapist who aimed to help people fall in love with their faces and with themselves? And have you ever had a massage during which you could feel the love in the massage therapist’s touch? Extraordinary, right? That was my experience when I received my first massage from my Page 1 Woman Lynn Rae – love, warmth and genuine caring. A sport, remedial and facial massage therapist and a facial pilates teacher, she has a long-standing interest in preserving and nurturing the body and a passion for the face. And what makes her different from your average therapist, is the service she offers to those with stress induced facial tension and facial disfigurement resulting from strokes, Bell’s Palsy and scar tissue or surgery from facial cancer. And if you don’t fall into any of these categories but fancy anti-aging, beauty enhancing massage, she offers that too. She spots facial trauma in a flash and is dedicated to raising awareness about the long-term benefits of loving and caring for your face in the most effective way. And this isn’t about vanity. It’s about enabling individuals, particularly facial trauma subjects, to regain their confidence and feel good again. Having had first-hand experience of Lynn Rae’s service, due to an attack of Bell’s Palsy several years ago, I’m a raving fan.

Lynn Rae’s fascination with the face has an unusual origin. As a child, facial beauty was unmentionable at home and vanity ‘was not an option’. Her beautiful mum was badly scarred in an accident and was protected by a family culture of silence. So Lynn Rae was unable to appreciate her own good looks as she grew up. But have you noticed how unresolved childhood issues often have a knack of resolving themselves in adulthood? So despite feeling ‘uncomfortable about beauty and vanity’, Lynn Rae was drawn to make-up artistry and broke the family taboo. In a career spanning 20 years, she travelled the world applying pre-performance make-up to the faces of celebrities such as Michael Bolton, Bros and Alison Moyet. And when her kids came along she traded in the glamorous life style and the unsocial hours for more hands on parenting and a career change. She studied sports and remedial massage, pilates andMethod Putkisto. And then in mid-life, facial and intra-oral massage and facial pilates. Her career had gone full circle – back to the face.

So why the change in mid-life? Like many women over 40, Lynn Rae ‘wanted to do something a little less superficial and a little more meaningful’. And helping individuals to love themselves and get back their face so they get back their life certainly hit that spot. But there have been major challenges for Lynn Rae along the way – her marriage breakdown for one and cancer not long after. Many people would have given up under the pressure, but not Lynn. Whilst she regards her ill health as the most difficult thing she’s ever faced, she also sees it as ‘the most amazing thing because it’s made me who I am’. And who exactly is she? She’s someone who is now confident, who now loves and accepts herself for who she is; someone who’s compassionate and empathetic and can now express her emotions, rather than hiding behind a robotic exterior; someone who can love her clients and express this as she brings healing to their bodies and their faces.

And that’s not all she’s learned from her life-changing experience. She’s learned to respect the part played by the body in self-healing and to appreciate the psychology of healing. ‘You can’t force something to heal. You have to sometimes look deeper than the injury’ for what’s holding it back. And she’s learned the power of forgiveness in healing the wounds caused by the collapse of her marriage – a necessity for overcoming her cancer. So armed with this learning Lynn Rae now has a purpose; ‘I don’t want people to come to me to be cured. I want people to come to me so that we can work together and they go away knowing how to take control of their body or their face and care for themselves’. And the impact on her business? Amazing! ‘I’ve noticed a total difference for the better in my clients’ response to my work’,she said. Which goes to show that when your work is about passion and purpose and a genuine desire to give rather than receive, customers come back for more.

And what of the future? Lynn Rae sees herself doing a ‘combination of hands on work and teaching women how to be more beautiful, more serene and happier with themselves’. More than anything, she’d like women to give themselves the greatest gift of all – to love and accept who they are. ‘That’s what I’m trying to give myself every day. And I’ve lived for many years not having given that to me. So I know how valuable it is. If we do that, then we’re allbeautiful and how can we not succeed in what we do?’

By the way, after many years with my slightly disfigured face, Lynn Rae’s facial and intra-oral massage has helped to re-align the two sides and diminish the paralysis. Wowzers!”

Claudia Crawley
Winning Pathways Coaching
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“As an experienced clinical physiotherapist, I treat many patients with spinal and facial pain.  I have found the work that Lynn does incredibly helpful in managing symptoms that physiotherapy alone has been unable to treat.  Patients following whiplash, postural pain and sports injuries have all benefited from her input.

On a personal level following a head injury in an RTA I sustained as a child, I have had a history of TMJ hyper-mobility and clicking. Three treatments with Lynn significantly changed symptoms I have had for 25 years!! 

I have no hesitation in referring patients to Lynn or recommending her specialised treatments.”

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

“I was introduced to Lynn by my physio who thought she might be able to help with my teeth grinding/clenching.  I have ground my teeth, particularly at night, for many years.

I have had 5 sessions with Lynn, each about 10-15 days apart. I noticed an improvement almost immediately - my jaw felt less tense and after just the second session my 'bite' felt completely different. The resting position of my lower jaw felt more relaxed and my back teeth we're no longer clenched.

It is not the most comfortable, experience having someone else's fingers probing your mouth, but Lynn is really good at explaining what she's doing and is guided by what you find comfortable. Any discomfort decreases with each session as the muscles loosen up. Lynn also gives you plenty of exercises to do to maintain the effects of the treatment at home.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lynn's treatment - it really works!”

Gemma, Lawyer

“I live a very active lifestyle including cycling, rugby, running and kitesurfing as my sporting passions. I suffered a minor knee injury that I left untreated and, not being as youthful and invincible as I once was, this small injury simply led to more difficulties including very unpleasant lower-back pain. I went to see physios as well as try and resolve the problem myself with no success. A friend recommended Lynn to me and I was at first sceptical, but, facing growing discomfort, I decided to pay her a visit. This proved to be the right choice. She patiently listened to my story and was able to quickly locate and explain the different factors causing my condition and importantly, how to improve the situation. From the very first session I already felt significantly less pain and was equipped with activities that led to a rapid improvement in my condition. Repeat visits have transformed my own awareness of my body and I am happy to say I am no longer in pain. Even better, I am using my new found knowledge to improve my overall health and feel stronger and healthier. This would not have been possible without Lynn. Her passion and experience enable her to not just identify the problem but address the fundamental issues creating the problem. Though it might sound somewhat cliche, the best way I can describe her is as a healer. Her work has enabled me to heal my injury and remove the pain rapidly and effectively. Passionate and professional, I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Jan, Performance Coach

“My friend suggested I tried pilates after suffering with back pain for a number of years and I've never looked back. I had tried doing classes at my gym, but was never quite sure if I was doing it properly and found my inflexibility made some of the exercises impossible or just very uncomfortable! I have now been attending Lynn's classes for almost 3 years and she has completely changed my posture and body. The classes are small in numbers which allows Lynn to focus on my individual needs and ensure I am carrying out the exercises correctly. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Louise, Event Organiser

“Lynn balances the group's and individual needs brilliantly. She soon learns your body's individual weak points and idiosyncracies, so she can tailor a group exercise to better suit the individual. I have been going to Lynn's classes for more than five years and whilst there is some natural repetition of exercises, I learn something new every week - Lynn keeps the classes up-to-date, interesting and fun.

I have a greater awareness of my posture on a daily basis – how I'm sitting at work, how I run, how I lift things. My lower back has always been my weakness due to a slipped disc, but Lynn's Pilates classes have not only strengthened my core muscles but also given me the confidence to trust my back again. When I miss a class due to holidays, I feel it and keen to get back!

Very easy going, inclusive, welcoming and professional. Lynn is also a determined problem-solver - if you have a weakness or worry about an exercise, she will adapt it or find a way around it!

Kim, Editor

“For me, pilates and the way you teach is perfect for my style of learning, its simple, visual, and it gets you in touch with your insides, if that makes sense! you really connect with your body in a very subtle way rather than a bamboosal intense potentially harmful way!

I have learnt to listen to my body more, understand it and work with it rather than punish it!

yes !”


“I have always felt extremely special in your group exercise and one to one treatment. Your style is very calming relaxed and totally professional. By that I know you understand the mechanics of the body but equally importantly you are into the overall benefits and those require a deep empathy and sympathetic ear which is an added extra.”


“It's an extremely difficult task to put into words just how much working with Lynn transformed my everyday life when I lived in London.  I've suffered from back pain for my entire adult life, and quite simply, nothing has been able to ease it with the exception of the classes and treatment I've received from Lynn.

Lynn has a unique way about her that has always made me feel I'm in the safest possible, nurturing hands - something utterly invaluable in my opinion. The lessons she passed on in those sessions remain today and even though I'm miles away physically, I still use the techniques to manage and ease my aches and pains.

Her therapeutic massage remains to this day the massage that delivered the best and longest-lasting results of any I have ever received. Lynn Rae is, in my opinion, the very best at what she does and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Antonia,  PR & Marketing Executive

“Your love and caring comes through in a way that I’ve never experienced with others. I can actually feel this in the attention you pay and in your touch, almost as if you’re cherishing the part of me that you’re working on.

The oral massage was amazing and completely different from anything I’ve ever had. I’d love to get this every day. As the right side of my face is still a little paralysed, I felt that it opened up my face and freed it from stiffness.

Both facial massage and body massage were amazing, for the reason stated above. My face and body felt incredibly open, and free from tension.

The instruction on working on my face was also very clear and constructive. I’ve not been using it all consistently, but that’s about me, not you.

You are a very skilled and knowledgeable body and facial masseuse who used innovative method to free my face from tension and whose touch and focus is filled with love and caring. I came away feeling valued and special.”

Claudia, Life Coach

“Lynn I feel absolutely phenomenal - walking taller and much more relaxed altogether. Thanks so much! Xx”

Jess, Personal Trainer

“Lynn. Great class last night. Feel so open and tall today! You're such a good teacher. Thanks!”