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Lynn Rae
Face and Jaw

Remedial Face & Jaw Massage & Realignment

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Facial Pilates

Facial Pilates Workshops

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Post Breast Cancer Treatment

Post Breast Cancer Treatment & Therapy

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Pilates and posture awarenessPilates & Posture Awareness

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  • Helps to mobilise scar tissue to promote better healing and better movement which promotes normal tissue health
  • Helps to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by tightness of scar tissue
  • Helps to restore normal structure and functional properties of muscles and other tissues
  • Helps to restore better range of movement to arm, neck and shoulder
  • Improves muscular balance and overall posture
  • Improves aesthetic appearance
  • Helps to restore confidence and give back some control
  • Specialised massage is beneficial after any breast surgery, including cosmetic augmentation, helping to prevent complications and hardening of breast tissue
  • Healthy breasts also benefit from massage to release tension caused by badly fitting bras, improving overall posture


"I have been in remission for three years from head and neck cancer. I have had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a radical operation to my neck. I lost a major nerve that controls my muscle to lift my left arm. This has resulted in my muscle wasting away. My smaller muscle has adapted to compensate. Three years down the line I have severe aches and pains in my neck and shoulder which often interrupts my sleep. This is a constant reminder that I had cancer.


I have had many massage therapists attempt to help without success. I was recommended by a friend to have some oral massage with Lynn Rae. I have only had two sessions with Lynn which involved a special neck, shoulder and facial massage and intra-oral massage inside my mouth with amazing results. I am able to sleep through the night, the pain has disappeared and I have more movement in my neck and shoulder. Lynn also gave me advice on how I should stand and position my shoulder to encourage my muscles to support my shoulder correctly. My results have been outstanding, even my friends and family have noticed the change in my posture and the improved appearance of my neck.


I am looking forward to my next session with Lynn, she has helped me to fully recover. If you are considering Lynn Rae, I highly recommend, after just one session, you will see and feel amazing results."

Rachel, Founder of Pure Rays
(motivating cancer heroes)


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Post Breast Cancer Treatment & Therapy


I was diagnosed with right-side invasive breast cancer on 23 December 2008. As a divorced 46-year old mother of two, my first thought was - how am I going to convince my children that I am not going to die? My second thought was - how will I survive with only one breast?


Having undergone complex surgery to reconstruct my breast, I was well aware of the consequences - the scar tissue, the pain, the loss of feeling, the impact on posture as well as the more subtle but equally significant emotional and psychological consequences. In the immediate aftermath of surgery I was reluctant to have hands-on bodywork, in large part due to insecurities about my body. I felt like a woman when fully-clothed but I was still working on the undressed version.


However a positive experience with a massage practitioner who had experience in dealing with post -surgery patients allowed me to start to re-integrate myself and stop viewing my body in two halves - the areas directly affected by the illness and the other areas.


In the process of my own healing I have met many other survivors who all seem to describe the medical process as an "out of body experience", as if it were happening to someone else. Treatment from a skilled therapist can really help to bring you back into your own body which is an important step towards self-acceptance.


In my post-surgical massage practice I will treat your body as a whole, not just the areas directly affected by your surgery or treatment. I have the life experience and the therapeutic skills to help you on your way to your own self-acceptance and recovery.


All types of surgery and radiotherapy cause scarring and damage tissue, this effects the overall muscular balance and posture. Specialised massage techniques and movement therapy can help to realign and help towards restoring the damaged tissues and range of movement.


Breast massage is essential for anyone who has had any kind of breast surgery: augmentation, reduction or even a simple biopsy. All surgery and trauma to the breast and axilla causes scar tissue that can have an effect on the overall posture and efficiency of the muscular and upper limb function. After a breast augmentation it is essential to learn how to self-massage in order to prevent complications and hardening of the breast and also to aid good scar healing.


Even healthy breasts can benefit from massage as scarring and tension can build up over time from badly fitting bras, especially ones with under-wiring. Breast massage is not just beneficial for breast health, it can improve overall posture and help to relieve neck and shoulder tensions.


Anyone who has suffered from any cancer treatment involving surgery and/or radiotherapy can benefit from specialised mobilisation of the damaged tissues and specific gentle exercises to improve the overall health and function of the area.