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Lynn Rae
Face and Jaw

Remedial Face & Jaw Massage & Realignment

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Facial Pilates

Facial Pilates Workshops

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Post Breast Cancer Treatment

Post Breast Cancer Treatment & Therapy

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Sport and remedial massageBespoke Sport & Remedial Massage Treatments

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Pilates and posture awarenessPilates & Posture Awareness

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  • Relief for muscle and joint and fascial problems, injuries, aches and tension
  • Relieves symptoms of chronic occupation posture and muscle fatigue
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Improves posture, flexibility and range of movement
  • Improves and realigns scar tissue following surgery or injury
  • Enhances feelings of relaxation and contentment
  • Increases energy levels and performance
  • Helps prevent  injury and speed up recovery


“You listen and drill for answers and build a complete understanding of the problem rather than just resorting to 'fixing' the immediate problem. It's clear that you care and I like your work ethic. Immediate benefits are release from pain and significant improvement in well-being, longer benefits are increased awareness of my body and how to manage myself more effectively. Someone who will help you remove the immediate pain and then build a long term change in yourself to remove the factors causing the pain.” 



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Bespoke Sport & Remedial Massage Treatments

Sport & remedial massage therapy

Lynn gained her Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM) qualification at the London School of Sport and Remedial Massage (LSSM) in 2000.


The ISRM approach is not just about massage. A range of advanced soft-tissue techniques along with traditional Swedish massage are employed to try to get to the origin of the problem. The hands-on treatment takes place in the context of a detailed history and postural assessment. In addition to relief of symptoms and a better understanding of the problem the client also receives advice on rehabilitation.


It’s an holistic therapy that works on many levels by influencing several systems of the body. The sessions are tailor-made to suit your own individual needs.