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Lynn Rae
Face and Jaw

Remedial Face & Jaw Massage & Realignment

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Facial Pilates

Facial Pilates Workshops

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Post Breast Cancer Treatment

Post Breast Cancer Treatment & Therapy

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Pilates and posture awarenessPilates & Posture Awareness

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“"Have you ever met a massage therapist who aimed to help people fall in love with their faces and with themselves? And have you ever had a massage during which you could feel the love in the massage therapist’s touch? Extraordinary, right?"


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Claudia Crawley, Winning Pathways Coaching


“Lynn I feel absolutely phenomenal after my massage - walking taller and much more relaxed altogether. Thanks so much! Xx”

Jess, Personal Trainer


“Lynn. Thanks for class last night. My back feels great today. You're amazing Lynn always thinking of new things but also listening to us and our bodies. So thank you!”

Bryony, London


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  • Pilates & Posture Awareness
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RESTORE - REVIVE - Rejuvenate

Our sedentary, time-pressured lifestyles, with ever-longer working hours, many of them in front of a computer screen create tremendous challenges for most of us. The results can often be seen in changes to our emotional and physical well-being. We are not always aware that they are connected, but problems such as teeth grinding, bad workstation habits and poor posture can often be directly linked to bulging tummies, stooped shoulders and tired-looking faces.


Healing therapies come in many forms. Lynn Rae’s work is focused on teaching the client a new awareness of their face and body, creating new and better habits and movement patterns. This holistic approach helps the client take ownership of stress, posture-related pain and discomfort, including the discomfort or changes brought about by surgery or cancer treatments thus allowing the client to move towards renewed vitality, energy and refreshed appearance.


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